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August 31, 2009

Chance It

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Another video-induced piece of music.

Podsafe Music by Roadside Zoo “Chance It”

January 21, 2007

Audio Attitude 45 Explorer

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Do you admire the attitude of explorers? They are the people who risk life and limb to find what lies at the edge of our grasp. Fascination with shipwrecks and UFO sightings on Lake Superior inspired “Where The Truth Lies,” the new album by rock musician Jeremy Rowe.

Jeremy brought over his acoustic guitar and we talked about his new album, including stories behind the music. I like this album a lot. I think you will, too. Jeremy’s serious attitude about music is nicely balanced with his sense of humor in life.

Contains some explicit language.

Songs from the album on this show include:

In the Shadows (single from the album)
Where the Truth Lies (inspired by a UFO / Air Force incident over Lake Superior in 1953)
In My Element (Tranquility, herb-friendly, and one of Jeremy’s favorite songs, – Jeremy imagines what visiting another world might be like)
Sing it Through Me (sounds like this song is about a girl, but it isn’t. Jeremy explains the twist)
Northern Star (this begins with a live acoustic performance and transitions to the album version)

Songs from the album are available to hear and purchase on the Podsafe Music Network. Or, buy the CD version of the album at CD Baby or Digstation.

Cover: Where The Truth Lies
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