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August 8, 2008

Repeat It ’til They Believe It

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With one image Steve Greenberg reveals just how baseless is the common belief that conservative politicians manage the national budget better.

Deficit Presidents

February 2, 2008

On Attitude, Fear, and Change

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We humans love to think our attitudes represent an accurate understanding of reality. Unfortunately much of the time our attitudes are products of snap decisions by our brain in response to subtle cues in our surroundings that we never realize exist. This is especially true of judgmental or negative attitudes. The stronger the attitude, the less likely the attitude is based on awareness.

It is no secret I am supporting Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for President. But, I want to clearly state my appreciation for Hillary Clinton. I have no doubt that any candidate will have a very tough time. The challenges a President faces continue to expand. I am confident Hillary Clinton is ready and fully capable of doing a fine job as President.

But, there is more at steak than choosing a President. This country is badly fractured by ideology and crippled by fear. Nobody expected a candidate could embrace the entire country and change the conversation to one of empowering each of us to become what we can if we learn to build each other up rather than tear each other down. We have a candidate in Barack Obama that is special. He moves people who would not be moved. He has a gift of connecting and exciting people like no other candidate for President in my memory has had. People are excited about themselves, not against a target.

A good test of attitude is whether it pushes us away from something. If so, it is fear based. Most fear is irrational.

Fear is the challenge we all face in this election. We humans are prepared to do anything and think anything if we are afraid enough. Fear of losing the chance of having our first woman President. Fear of assassination. Fear of tax and spend foolishness. Fear of a black family in the White House. I ask anyone with hostility against a candidate to dig real deep into their attitude and come up with the source of repulsion. I suggest the source is fear, and not rationality.

Fear will destroy America if we keep riding our hostile attitudes to the polls.

Please watch the candidates. If you notice yourself making a sarcastic remark, dismissive statement, or feeling mistrust about this or any candidate I challenge you to diligently face the fear fueling it. Get to know your fear very well and decide if it is based on fact or based on reaction before you vote. I will continue to try to do the same. Good luck to us all as we choose the candidate we think will help us heal and excite us to be our best.

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