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March 9, 2011

Hearing the Web

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Hey look!  Some people moving onward in the realm of great audio attitude.  Seems some people still exist who appreciate the concept of audio content easily consumed via the web.  This is not meant to be compelling.  I’m just perusing stuff and came across this post about work being done to improve HTML5 audio.  Not that I know anything about the technology.  Because, I do not.

If HTML5 can deliver sound without spinning the fans on my laptop enough for it to consider levitation, then I am a supporter!  I appreciate people like Dominic Szablewski whose time and brainpower improves the way we play on the web.  It might even bring my relic of this website back to life.

Okay, probably not.  But, I do miss creating podcasts and making a podcast today is almost as easy as thinking about it.  If, that is, you don’t count all the hours of producing something worth a listener’s attention.

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