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March 6, 2012

Attitude Hackattude

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Apparently AudioAttitude / was under suspicion of having bad scripts or something.  Maybe some delinquent scripting coding thingy found a hold and startled Google, because Google freaked out and posted warning signs when I decided over the weekend to check in.  By the way, does Hollywood get banned from Google when it delivers bad scripts?

In all seriousness, I have been working with my webhost (Doteasy) to resolve the problem. The Doteasy team has informed me that it has now cleaned of its ills (or at least the misbehaving code). I also replaced the WordPress theme with a default theme, just in case the theme presented some problems. As of this writing this site is under review by Google, and I hope things will return to normal soon because I am ready to ponder our 6th anniversary of this blog.

Yes, six years ago this month we began this fun adventure, and then life did its thing with my attention and I wandered off. Sorry if you were left wondering what happened. I’m here. Just not entirely. Please excuse me while I get back to watching the U.S. GOP primary returns. Today is Super Tuesday. Now there is a bad script!



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