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March 11, 2010

Logo Attitude

Filed under: Attitude Check — Brian @ 10:11 pm

Four years ago today I published Procrasticast #1. It was a quiet, almost private, podcast attempt that grew quickly into a show people liked but could not pronounce. So, the name changed to “Audio Attitude.” The podcast barely made it to 2007 before succumbing to podfading – the phenomenon that happens when creative energy is needed someplace else in life.

I’m still here and I miss producing a podcast. But, I’m so very busy every waking moment that I know I do not have the requisite time to do justice. I hope one day, perhaps soon, I can get back to audio creating because I enjoy it so much.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at the logo I designed back in the day but never launched. I just ordered some gear with the logo and it all arrived today, on the 4th anniversary of this little media adventure. What do you think?


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