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June 24, 2008

Fred’s or Phreadz

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Kosso a few weeks ago invited me to join some early adopter types to test his new yet-to-be-public video conversation site called Phreadz. Phreadz is Seesmic if it were all grown up and successful. Kosso is amazing. He coded the entire service by himself without the 12 million dollars Seesmic got to impress the world. Seesmic will seem silly when the world sees Phreadz. I envision corporations, collaborative groups, families, and friends utilizing this service for business, pleasure, and more as it begins to scale and tailor.

Thanks to Kosso (pronounced KOZ-oh) I have reason to hope for a web 2.0 service that even my mom can use out of the box.
Phreadz on Brian's mind in his bunker office

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  1. Amen Brother!

    Brian, I have to agree that Phreadz is, without doubt simplicity in itself.

    Much as I like forums, Twitter et al, so many are two dimensional or just too clumsy to use.

    I particularly like the threaded conversation patterns, and have already commented on site that I see the universal application in both the commercial and personal sectors.

    Koss is a very clever bloke, his wisdom exacerbated by those enlarged trademark glasses….

    I just hope Kosso gets a great return from his wonderful application. It get six stars from me (out of five).

    Comment by Paul Nicholls — June 28, 2008 @ 8:10 am

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